korat.info - Links page


http://www.korat-info.com is the firsthand information source of Nakhon Ratchasima, Isaan, Northeast Thailand. It features the languages German, English and Dutch. Many illustrated articles about sightseeing and local culture have been posted there.


http://www.koratfart.com is a Korat forum with articles on sightseeing, expat life etc. in Korat and Isaan. It features English language and is still in development.


http://www.koratexpat.com is a site and forum dedicated to information for travellers and expats in Isaan and Northeast Thailand. It features mainly articles in German.


http://expat.korat.info had been started as an experiment but it might as well remain on the web and get developed by the time as an expat forum for Korat and Isaan.


http://www.grumpyexpat.com/forum is an English forum for Korat, Isaan and Thailand.


Those are all that deserve mentioning at present. There are some other sites struggling on the web here as well.