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Dengue Fever On The Rise

Verfasst: Fr Mai 04, 2007 8:01 pm
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Thailand On Alert As Dengue Fever Cases Rise

BANGKOK, May 4 (Bernama) --Thailand's Ministry of Public Health is on full alert to prevent the spread of dengue fever after the disease claimed four lives so far this year, and the number of dengue fever patients nationwide has risen to 6,000, TNA reported.

The focus of the outbreak is in Trat province, 400 km southeast of Bangkok on the Cambodian border, and in the southern most provinces along the Malaysian border.

Trat has almost five times the frequency of the disease -- 46 patients per 100,000 population -- compared to the national average of 10 per 100,000, according to Public Health Minister Mongkol Na Songkhla, while Pattani experiences 42 per 100,000 and Yala has 33 per 100,000 residents.

Earlier than usual rains has meant that dengue is a greater concern this year than before, Dr Mongkol was quoted as saying. The insurgency in the far South means that anti-mosquito measures are more difficult to apply.

More breeding grounds for dengue-carrying mosquitoes emerged during the rainy season, he explained, especially in the three southernmost provinces where heavier rainfall contributes to a higher population of mosquitoes than in the country's other regions.

Dr Mongkol said that the outbreak could become a severe problem in the border provinces as health officials can't implement pro-active strategies to fight the disease due to the ongoing violence.

The number of dengue fever patients is normally higher from May to August due to the rainy season. So far there have been 6,070 dengue fever patients in the first four months of this year.

The nationwide ratio amounted to nearly 10 patients per 100,000 persons in the population, he said. However, almost 1,000 new dengue fever cases have been reported in the past two weeks.

The highest concentration of dengue fever patients was reported in the eastern province of Trat with the ratio of 46:100,000, followed by the southern provinces of Pattani at 42: 100,000 and Yala at 33: 100,000 respectively.

The public health minister said he ordered health officials to work closely with local authorities to prevent the further spread on any outbreak.

BERNAMA May 4, 2007

Re: Dengue Fever On The Rise

Verfasst: So Jul 08, 2007 11:21 am
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Thailand registers 36 per cent increase in dengue fever

BANGKOK, July 7 (TNA) - More than 21,000 patients suffering from dengue fever have been treated in Thailand during the first half of this year, with 17 persons having died from the rainy season disease, a senior public health ministry official said Saturday.

Bureau of Vector-Borne Diseases director Dr. Wichai Satimai said a total of 21,251 dengue fever patients were identified during the first six months of 2007, representing a 36 per cent increase from the corresponding period of last year.

Seventeen Thai victims died during the period. The sharp increase in the number of patients during the period was attributed to the early onset of the rainy season in Thailand, causing the quick breeding of
dengue-carrying striped mosquitoes, said Dr. Wichai.

The incidence of dengue has been significantly on the rise in other Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member countries including Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Singapore also increased during the period, he added.

Earlier this week Cambodia reported 132 deaths from dengue fever in June alone, and asked for Thai government medical assistance, which is being extended. (TNA)

ETNA July 8, 2007

Re: Dengue Fever On The Rise

Verfasst: So Feb 17, 2008 6:36 pm
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Dengue fever danger on the rise

( – The public health ministry has warned that dengue fever is back with a vengeance this year, with more than 2,800 cases reported so far and 4 deaths.

Permanent secretary to the public health ministry Dr Prat Boonyawongviroj believes the disease could be more serious this year than last year judging by figures gathered from the beginning of this year.

According to sources, up to 70 per cent of sufferers were in the central region.

“I’d like to urge those who have symptoms of the disease - which includes high fever for more than two days - not to disregard the fact that they may have contracted the dengue fever,” Dr Prat warned.

He added: “Public health authorities should warn as many people as they can about the disease and encourage them to destroy breeding grounds for mosquitoes, the main carrier of this disease.”

Bangkok Post Feb. 17, 2008

Re: Dengue Fever On The Rise

Verfasst: Fr Mär 14, 2008 1:27 pm
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Dengue fever cases soar


The Public Health Ministry issued a warning yesterday, saying the country is experiencing the worst outbreak of dengue fever in a decade after more than 4,000 people had been infected by the virus in only two months. A total of 4,393 people fell ill between Dec 30 last year and Feb 23, with six deaths reported. Children and teenagers aged from seven to 14 were a high risk, officials said.

More than half of the dengue infect-ions and fatalities were in central provinces, followed by the South and the North, said permanent secretary for public health Prat Boonyawongwirote.

The surge in dengue fever infections was mainly because of climate change which accelerated the life cycle of the mosquito, enabling them to produce a minimum infective dose of the dengue virus faster than before, he added.

The last outbreak in Thailand was reported in 1998 when 129,954 people were found to be infected with dengue fever, leaving 424 dead.

Dr Prat said epidemiologists and provincial health offices have been put on full alert to monitor the disease. Each province is required to persuade people to work with health officers to regularly destroy mosquito larvae in water sources.

Bangkok Post March 14, 2008

Re: Dengue Fever On The Rise

Verfasst: So Mai 24, 2009 10:05 am
von KoratCat
Chikungunya spreads

The chikungunya that has ravaged Southern Thailand has spilled over, with 13 patients detected in Si Sa Ket, Ubon Ratchathani and Amnat Charoen, an official said yesterday. Most are rubber-plantation workers and soldiers returning from the South, said Disease Control Office 7 chief Dr Sarayuth Uttamangkhapong. He expressed concern that nine more people had developed chikungunya symptoms although they had not been outside their provinces.

Nakhon Ratchasima, which has had 92 dengue-fever patients this year, saw Muang district's Tambon Jor Hor villagers making a good use of cake tins to eliminate mosquitoes.

They placed open tins lined with black cloths in dark corners of their homes to lure the insects and initially trapped 100 per container. With the lids back on, the tins were left in hot sunlight to kill the mosquitoes, making ideal fish food. The tambon has reported no single case of dengue fever.

The Nation May 24, 2009

Re: Dengue Fever On The Rise

Verfasst: Fr Jul 16, 2010 9:44 am
von KoratCat
Mosquito resistance to insecticides increasing

Mosquitoes are becoming more resistant to the more common insecticides, increasing concerns over the serious spread of Dengue fever – according to the Department of Medical Science, Ministry of Public Health.

It appears that the mosquitoes in Thailand have become more resistant to the normal chemicals used in insecticides and repellants.

After being sprayed with insecticides, a lot do not die, but simply lose consciousness for a short period.

For over 40 years now, the chemicals Permethrin, Deltamethrin, and Fenitrothion have been the main-stay ingredients in the production of insecticides, but, since discovering the fact that mosquitoes have developed resistance to them, most insecticide production companies have responded to the problem by mixing several other kinds of chemicals together for greater efficiency.

According to the statistics, 33,113 people have already been infected with the mosquito-borne disease ‘Dengue Fever’ since January 2010, with 33 confirmed fatalities.

The figure has increased by 60% compared to last year, and Dengue fever is expected to spread at a much faster rate during the rainy season from July to August.

The majority of patients – approximately 11,440 people – are found in the central region of the kingdom, while the number of patients for the southern region stands at 9,035.

As for the north and northeastern regions, confirmed cases of Dengue Fever infections stand at 3,756 and 8,842 respectively.

Thailand Times