Annual health check up?

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Annual health check up?

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Medical treatment can be expensive but at Maharaj Hospital in Korat(Government) they have an outpatient dept that seems to operate in the evening. (about 5pm)

No need to see the Doctor first. Start by asking the nurse (who speaks English)for a "routine blood chemistry".Commonly called U&E or Urea and Electrolytes. Add a request for "Creatinine level" If you are concerned about diabetes and you should be ask for a HbA1C test. This gives you a result of your blood sugar level for the last 8 weeks or so.

You are taken to the Clinical Pathology Laboratory,( round the corner but on site)where the blood sample is taken. It takes about an hour to get the result.

If you can interpret the results and the normal levels are printed on the results form, you do not need to see a doctor, but that is your choice. There are several doctors with different specialities on offer during the week at a fee. I suggest Tuesday or Wednesday evening when the Cardiologists are on duty.

I did not see a doctor and the full blood scan cost me 200bht.

My results? Oh I'm dying slowly.

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