Boat sinks off Phuket, six still missing

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Boat sinks off Phuket, six still missing

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Boat sinks off Phuket, six still missing

BANGKOK / PHUKET: A boat carrying foreign scuba divers sunk off Phuket province late last night. Six of the divers are still missing.

The Royal Thai Navy base in Phuket was alerted this morning by a tour operator whose boat, carrying 31 divers, failed to arrive at Chalong Pier (at Phuket island's southern tip) at 2am as scheduled.

The company then sent a team to check on the whereabouts of the vessel. The team found 25 divers drifting on the sea. They were rescued and sent to a local hospital. The remaining six were unaccounted for.

Phuket Gazette March 9, 2009

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