Eye for Eye, Tooth for Tooth

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Eye for Eye, Tooth for Tooth

Ungelesener Beitragvon KoratCat » Mo Jan 21, 2008 1:31 pm

Officials face revenge

The People Power Party will punish government officials who colluded with the junta to prevent the party winning the election.

Published on January 21, 2008

A party member said prosecutions would be both criminal and for electoral law breaches.

Party-list member of Parliament Chaowarin Latthasaksiri said it had "concrete evidence" implicating permanent officials in trying to prevent the party winning the election.

A special committee, which will be set up soon as a special panel, will investigate the allegations.

"But this is not revenge against the Council for National Security," Chaowarin said.

People Power alleged the council had a four-step plan to derail the party's election campaign.

However, the council denied this and said the information People Power was working from was another matter and had been abandoned.

But Chaowarin contended the council's plan against People Power had been implemented.

"We have clear evidence the plan was implemented. Teams were formed and deployed to provinces to do everything to prevent People Power candidates from winning," Chaowarin alleged.

"Officials were trained by staff of the National Security Centre who are experts on intelligence gathering."

Nakhon Ratchasima deputy governor Thongchai Lue-adul ordered state officials in Pak Thong Chai and Wang Nam Kheow districts to dig for dirt on People Power candidates or make false allegations against them.

He asserted a high-ranking Interior Ministry official engaged several Northeast district chiefs to prevent People Power candidates from winning. He said rival candidates bought votes.

"We will not let these actions go unpunished. We will investigate and bring officials who were not neutral and who violated election and criminal laws to justice," Chaowarin said.

He said action was required to prevent these officials abusing authority in future elections.

The Nation Jan. 21, 2008

Same old question: Where is the line between committing violations of rights as an official and preventing others from committing.

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